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Are you wondering how to Unlock the iPhone iOS 8 or even previous iPhone models and firmware versions? LOOK NO FURTHER! Many people have grown frustrated attempting to unlock or jailbreak their iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 with no success. Other iPhone 6 Plus unlocking software companies promise incredible results but sadly don't deliver. We have sold over 2 million copies FOR A REASON!

If you're one of the thousands of frustrated people who have paid money to unlock an iPhone 6 plus and have been left wanting more, then take a look at our innovative and proven software. Many other programs are simply unable to unlock most iPhone firmware or are too complicated to even understand!

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Features of performing an iPhone Unlock

If you are reading this then you are obviously interested in jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone device. Anyone who is interested in having an unlocked iphone has their own individual reasons to unlock it. While there are literally hundreds of different features and benefits to unlocking an iPhone, we will discuss the top three reasons why iphone users decide to hack their iphone.
  • 1. Ability to choose network provider: Giving you the choice to choose your cell phone service means that you can save alot of money on your cell phone bills by shopping around for a better mobile phone service and a better price. This is called factory iPhone unlocking done by this service Without first unlocking the iphone, your iphone sim card will not be able to connect to any other cellphone network than the one that it was originally manufactured with from Apple. By modifying baseband firmware on your device, you are able to undo the lock on your iphone's sim card, hence an "iphone 6S unlocking".
  • 2. Download Thousands of iPhone Apps: By far the most fun part of jailbreaking an iphone is the ability to use the Cydia App store to download restricted iphone apps, games, ringtons, and more. Most of the application downloads are NOT in the traditional iphone app store, which makes them even more desirable to regular iphone users. After you jailbreak iphone, you will have free access to these iphone programs.
  • 3. iPhone Tethering Capability: It's amazing to us that even most iphone users who have an unlocked iphone or jailbroken iphone don't even know about this jailbreak feature. You can setup your device to basically be a wireless hotspot anywhere you are in the world, and for FREE! That means you have the ability to connect other devices such as your ipad, ipod, or computer laptop to your iPhone device and get high-speed internet! The best part is it doesn't even matter if you have an unlimited data plan. Tethering your iPhone is a great way to save big bucks if you are currently using or thinking about a wireless laptop card or similar devices like the AT&T mifi. Instead of paying $50 or more per month, get it for free by using your iPhone as a wireless router!

There are so many unlock iPhone websites offering you the world and failing to provide their promised unlock and jailbreak software. Many of these jailbreak websites offer high promises but they simply do not work. We've bought and tried them out ourselves to see if we could unlock the iPhone 7 plus and each one has failed in one way or another.

These ineffective methods are also over charging and under delivering. Many programs cost over $200 and don't work! Greed and marketing have deceived people into purchasing these programs without a money back guarantee. When you use some of these programs you run the risk of permanently freezing your iPhone rending it completely useless.

The whole idea of unlocking iPhone was introduced into the market years ago. It was extremely complicated, difficult to understand, and reserved only for those who were technically minded. These procedures required users to take their iPhone apart and rebuild it, causing a lot of damage to their phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone is used when an iPhone user wants to install free iPhone applications that were previously not allowed in the iPhone App Store. The benefit of Jailbreaking a phone is that you gain full access to the firmware and therefore you are able to change many things that previously weren't possible to change.

The first thing you should look for when trying to unlock it is reliability. Does the iPhone Unlock Software have the capability to perform the tasks it claims it can accomplish? You don't want to waste your money on overpriced unlock software that does nothing more than "brick" your iPhone. That is exactly why we pride ourselves in selling an affordable software solution!

You also want to use an unlocked software program that is affordable. Many gimmick programs promise to "Unlock" the latest iPhone 6S or 6 Plus Device, but only at a VERY high price. They charge hundreds of dollars for complicated and ineffective software WITHOUT a guarantee! Save yourself the money and the hassle by unlocking your iPhone by yourself! You don't need to use iPhone experts anymore. With our revolutionary MAC and WINDOWS PC software, you now have the ability to perform the process without any hassle.

Stay away from Free Jailbreak Programs

If there is one piece of advice we can give you, it's to stay away from the many free iphone unlocking programs that are available on many of the jailbreak websites. These free unlock iphone tools may be appealing to you, but if you have heard the horror stories that we have then you will appreciate using our unlock solution that much more. This includes programs such as limera1n jailbreak, greenpois0n, blackra1n, and unlock softare such as the redsn0w unlock utility. These tools are outdated and don't work on newer iphone versions. If you are lucky enough to find one that works, be sure to never update iphone firmware or your unlocked iphone may turn into a beautiful paper weight.

Apple has upgraded iPhone firmware to the 10.0 baseband and bootloader which means that if you used a free unlock solution to jailbreak and unlock iphone then you cannot update iphone firmware through iTunes during an iPhone Sync. Instead you will need to downgrade iphone baseband version with the proper IPSW firmware file. Using the wrong firmware update will quickly brick your device and you will end up with an iphone disabled. However, if you decide to use and download our iphone unlock software then the tool will automatically unlock iphone and take care of the technical details of upgrading your firmware to the iOS 10 version that was released.

    Here are some features of our solution:

  • Factory IMEI Unlocking for any iPhone 7+, 6S, 6+, 5S
  • Patented iPhone Unlock and iPhone Jailbreak software
  • World Class customer support for life
  • One click Unlock and Jailbreak solution
  • Use Cydia App to get tons of iphone downloads
  • Our jailbreak process uses an untethered jailbreak method!
  • Choose your own cellular network service
  • Lifetime Membership for updates and support
  • The ability to work with any SIM card
  • The ability to use your iPhone with ANY Cellphone service provider
  • Use your iPhone in any country and language
  • Compatibility with the latest iOS 10 firmware!
  • Enable GPS and RSS feeds
  • Enable SMS/MMS and Instant Messengers
  • No loss of features of functionality
  • Ability to restore your iPhone to previous iphone firmware's
  • Step by step jailbreak instructions including video tutorial
  • Comes with Installer Application
  • Reliability is GUARANTEED!


With our iPhone iOS 10.0 Unlock(and previous) software you, will be able to unlock your iPhone in minutes! We have made it easy to unlock your iPhone 7 without complications and difficulty. No matter what version or model you have, you can unlock the iPhone in minutes. Our jailbreak process uses an untethered jailbreak method which means that you don't have to redo the jailbreak process everytime you need to restart your iPhone device. However, if you use a jailbreak tool that uses a tethered jailbreak then you WILL need to jailbreak your iphone again and again. This includes when you install iphone apps and when you need to do a hard iphone reset, even when your iphone battery dies. It's not only annoying but it can really damage iphones and make it impossible to unlock iphones in the future.

Not only do we offer the most effective and affordable factory iPhone 6S unlocking(via unlockiphone6factory, we also stand by our product with a 100% money back guarantee! We are so confident in our product that if you are unsatisfied for any reason we will refund your money! You have nothing to lose.

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